Biological Nutrient based on amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable origin of rapid and total absorption by plants. STYM AA 240 is a liquid organic compound produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of the regeneration of the natural protein. The natural balance of the total and free amino acids that appear in the aminogram is proof of the absence of any synthesis of free amino acids and the evidence of the naturalness of STYM AA 240. COLZYME TECHNOLOGYE
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Key points of the product:

• Organic Strengthener and Biostimulant for plant nutrition with biologically active peptides and amino acids
• 8,4% Nitrogen (N) Organic and 17,70% Guaranteed free amino acids.
STYM AA 240 is an organic nutrient of rapid and total absorption by plants. It contains a balanced and optimal ratio between short chain peptides, long chain peptides and amino acids.

Obtained from vegetable protein by an original process of controlled enzymatic hydrolysis with final purification by ion exchange. It can be applied both in foliar spray and in application to soil and is indicated as an organic nutrient and biostimulant of vegetation (roots, leaves, flowers and fruits) in all types of crops.

• 100% bioactive amino acids
• Totally assimilable and available.
• Great rapidity of absorption and incorporation into the metabolism of plants.
• Activate protein synthesis and energy saving.
• Better response to different situations of plant stress (frost, rapid growth, nutritional deficiencies, drought) helping to overcome in a short time the arrest of vegetative growth due to stress factors.
• Biostimulating effect: It acts by invigorating and stimulating plant metabolism and improves the effect of the rest of the mineral nutrients.
• Stimulates the formation of chlorophyll, indolebutyl acid, vitamins and enzymatic processes.
• It has a regulating effect on the metabolism of microelements, favoring it's penetration and transport
• Stimulates flowering, fruit setting, ripening and quality of the fruits.
• Certificate for 889/2008/CE, USDA/NOP and norms of Spanish organic agriculture.

Guaranteed analysis(% w/w)
Free Amino Acids 17,70%
Aminoácidos Totales 53,70%
Total Organic Matter 54,0%
Organic Carbon (C) 31,32%
Total Nitrogen (N) 8,80%
Organic Nitrogen (N) 8,40%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 0,40%
Mono-Di-Tri Polysaccharides 20,0%

The application of STYM AA 240 is carried out at the most critical moments of the development of the plants: post-transplant, growth, pre-flowering, fruit set and fruit development. As well as in adverse conditions of crops: cold or heat shock, water or salt stress, attacks of pests or diseases, nutritional deficiencies etc, being essential in plant recovery.