Specific food attractant for Drodophila Suzukii.
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TRAYER SUZUKII is a specific food attractant for the capture of Drosophila suzukii composed of peptides and organic acids with a high attractive power, it is a 100% ecological solution that does not need any insecticide, either in the formulation itself or in its subsequent use on field.
The effectiveness of the system is guaranteed as long as there is an attractant in liquid form. The durability of the same one can vary in function of the time of the year and local climatology.


-Product ready for use.
-Does not leave residues in the Fruits.
-Suitable for organic farming.
-Does not contain pheromones or insecticide in its composition or in its form of use.

Guaranteed analysis
(% w/v)
Peptides 10,00%
Organic acids 10,00%