21 diciembre 2018



Plant health is changing a lot, evolving towards what society demands: maximum respect for the environment, healthy agricultural production, healthy for the consumer and user safety. To achieve this, teamwork is required of all the links in the chain: supplier, distributor and farmer.

The extensive experience of ORANGESAFT, knowing first hand the needs of the farmer, makes our highly qualified human team, in it's long history that exceeds 50 years in the sector, is fully aware of what the field requires today.

In addition, our clear international vocation has led us to be present today in 22 countries. This work outside our borders has allowed us to accumulate experiences in different climates, cultivation and environments, collect and exchange information, and in general, have a broader and more realistic view of the industry on a global level.

The fundamental premise to launch our products to the market, is to work "side by side" with our customers so that they can make full use of them and that these have benefits for the farmer. This is achieved by accompanying the product at all times through the distribution channel to the end user. That is, we are able to transfer all the technical elements around the product, share the benefits derived from it's application, and follow-up on the field and in the first person of it.

Market demand sets the tone for producers and companies that offer agricultural products must be prepared to bring solutions to the field, so we convert every new challenge at all levels, in an opportunity.

Another of our fundamental pillars is research and development (R & D):

     Research of new raw materials, procurement, mode of action, efficiency, etc., always keeping in mind the respect for human, animal and environmental health.
     Development and evolution of products. Always adapted to the needs of the current market.
     Search for the most appropriate legal framework for each product to be placed on the market.

And all this, together with the increase in diversification in the field, together with the many demands that it requires, require having appropriate tools so that, among many others, our great added value to our products is:

     They boost the expression we look for in plants.
     They reinforce their defenses.
     When faced with problems, they offer real solutions without waste.
     Complete range in organic farming.
     Increase the effectiveness of other applications.

If we had to define, in three words, our mission, these would be: Quality, Innovation and Responsibility.

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