SOLDENSO GEL 0 - 68 - 80 + TE

9 diciembre 2019


SOLDENSO GEL 0 - 68 - 80 + TE

ORANGESAFT offers a complete range of suspension fertilizers, products of high purity and quality, developed with the latest generation that fully develop the potential of each crop.

Our SOLDENSO GEL products are effective, obtaining visible results quickly and with long duration. Protect and nourish the leaves. They also improve the efficiency of other agrochemicals. They are bioactive, concentrated and especially recommended for intensive crop production and to help plants recover from the effects of stress.

SOLDENSO GEL 0-68-80 + TE includes formulations high in phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus for stages in which phosphate incorporation is as crucial as root development, flowering, fruit set and transplantation. The high potassium content promotes maturation, improves color, increases sugar content, fruit color intensity and improves crop yield and quality.

- High content of Phosphorus and Potassium

- Chloride Free

- Low pH


SOLDENSO GEL 0 - 68 – 80 + TE is a new product that due to its gelatinous structure increases the retention time of the product and decreases the surface tension of the leaves favoring the opening of stomata and cuticular absorption, thus increasing the amount of absorbed nutrients It acts as a protective colloid of nutrients, guaranteeing its structure and properties, avoiding chemical degradation and losses from evaporation or formation of secondary compounds. Being a GEL fertilizer, and having a non-ionic character, it is compatible with most phytosanitary treatments, increasing their effectiveness. The gel technology based on high quality nutrients and adjuvants of the latest generation facilitates, on the one hand, the preparation of application broths when it is liquidated and, on the other, the efficiency as a nutrient, facilitating the dissolution and assimilation by the plant.

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