SOLDENSO GEL 27-27-27+3%MgO+TE

17 enero 2019


SOLDENSO GEL 27-27-27+3%MgO+TE
soldenso gel 27-27-27 INGLES

SOLDENSO GEL 27-27-27+3% MgO+TE
is a multi-use formulation to improve the nutritional status of the plant. It is suitable for crops that are under stress conditions such as drought, fungal attacks, poor soil conditions, etc.

SOLDENSO GEL 27-27-27+3% MgO+TE enriched with Magnesium and Micronutrients is very versatile and totally soluble in water. SOLDENSO GEL 27-27-27+3% MgO+TE presents a highly concentrated gel formulation and only small amounts of product are needed for high efficiency.

SOLDENSO GEL 27-27-27+3% MgO+TE is particularly suitable to provide the nutrients required during the first stages of crop development and to help the plant in the face of stress conditions.

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