SOLDENSO GEL 9-64-0-11%CaO+Mg+B+Zn

26 abril 2019


SOLDENSO GEL 9-64-0-11%CaO+Mg+B+Zn

SOLDENSO GEL 9-64-0-11%CaO-MgO-B+Zn
 relieves stress in the most critical stages of plant development, such as the initiation of tuberization, flowering, root development, fruit set fruits, fruit growth, etc. It can be applied both in foliar form and in fertigation.

It's a product where phosphorus is combined with high levels of soluble calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc through our Gel technology. It's used in specific crops in drip irrigation or foliar application to eliminate the deficiencies of fruits, vegetables and other special crops. Calciphos stimulates tuber initiation, root development, strengthens cell walls and improves the quality of the fruit.

Benefits of SOLDENSO GEL 9-64-0-11%CaO-MgO-B+Zn: Highly concentrated, low pH, totally soluble and has a unique composition.

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