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Elicitor and Biostimulant (increased development of the root system), fungistatic (defense against fungal attack), nematostatic (protection against phytoparasitic nematodes) and protector of aerial diseases.
Modulates activity of La PAL.
BIOSSAN, activates the secondary metabolism of the plant. With the application of BIOSSAN, plant defense mechanisms (SAR) are activated, the production of antistress proteins increases and the endogenous production of growth hormones increases.
BIOSSAN is favorable in the following crops:
Table Grape, Vines, Citrus, Kiwis, Olives, Fruits in General, Vegetables, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, etc.

Guaranteed analysis (% w/w)
QUITOSANO (Poli-D-glucosamina) 3,00%