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Organic Liquid Matter with Fulvic Acids and Amino Acids
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MOL BIO ORGANICO 850 is composed of organic materials, plant constituents such as amino acids, proteins, lipids, various acids, enzymes, bases, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, lignin, quinones, waxes, sugars and hormones, organic substances resulting from metabolic processes of yeasts, microorganisms, etc. As well as mineral nutrients and soluble inorganic substances, in which K, Ca, Mg and SO₄ ions predominate.
It is completely biodegradable, nature decomposes its compounds via microbiological processes and uses its minerals.

Characteristics of MOL BIO ORGÁNICO 850

• It improves soil structure
• Increases water holding capacity
• Makes the floors more spongy improving their aeration
• Allows the formation of the clay-humic complex increasing the ion retention power and cation exchange capacity
• It potassium fixation, avoiding its loss by leaching, especially in sandy soils
• Fix the microelements allowing them to be more assimilated by plants
• Encourages the development and activity of the microbial flora
• Stimulates the rooting and development of plants
• Improves root respiration

In addition MOL BIO ORGANICO 850 has a low molecular weight, and is applicable by foliar and radicular.
- It is composed of organic matter assimilable by beneficial microorganisms.
- Kidnaps and exchanges cations (-COOH).
- Vitamins and pro-biotics unchanged by in-process chemical substances.
- Complexing agent.
- Mix with most fertilizers and agronutrients.
- Organic material with fulvic acids and nutrients of immediate availability.
- PH regulator, saturated soil unblocker, cation mobilizer.
- Optimum excipient for the configuration of organic NPK and organo-minerals.
- Diversity in formulations of agro-nutrients and correctors of deficiencies.
- Soil alkalinity corrector, organic soil conditioner.
- Aggregate formation and water retention in the root environment.
- Improves and enhances the assimilation of fertilizer mixtures.
- Stimulates the transit of sap in the root-leaf system.
- Stabilizer of organic matter in soils.

Guaranteed Analysis(% w/v)
Organic Matter 85,93%
Organic Carbon ( C ) 49,10%
Total humic extract 78,10%
Fulvic acids 78,10%
Proteins (Total amino acids) 14,10%
Total Nitrogen (N) 2,27%
Organic Nitrogen (N)  2,27%
Potassium Oxide (K2O) water soluble 3,82%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble 0,13%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) water soluble 0,04%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble 0,44%
Copper (Cu) water soluble 0,01%
Sulfur (S) water soluble 0,18%

The applications of MOL BIO ORGÁNICO 850 improve the structure of the soil and stimulate the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms, giving rise to healthier root systems and harvests with higher yields. MOL BIO ORGANIC 850 can be used in all types of crops: ornamental, fruit, horticultural and lawns.
MOL BIO ORGANIC 850 is applied to the soil diluted in the irrigation water or it can be applied at the foliar level by sprinkling.