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Saline and sodic soil conditioner
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FLOSAL EXI is a complex of organic acids and Calcium designed to correct the deficiencies of Calcium and the excess of salinity of soils and irrigation waters.

is totally soluble in water and especially recommended for the application in all types of crops and irrigation systems (drip, micro-sprinkler, pivot, etc.)
Calcium is a secondary macroelement with very little mobility in the plant. Therefore, in certain circumstances of strong growth, adverse weather conditions, water imbalances, etc. Deficiency states of this element may be manifested that sometimes become serious.
Calcium is an important element, especially when it comes to the quality of the fruit. Calcium increases the hardness, the conservation period and, in short, the presentation and quality of the fruit.
Due to it's low mobility, a very effective way to correct the deficiencies in Calcium is the fractional contribution during all or a large part of the crop cycle. This contribution is highly recommended to do it through the localized irrigation system.

provides Calcium totally assimilable and adapts perfectly to this application system.

is specially indicated to correct calcium deficiencies in sensitive crops such as tomato (apical necrosis or peseta), apple tree (Pit Bitter), other fruit trees, lettuce (leaf edge necrosis "T p B r"), peppers and other horticulturals, citrus fruits, banana trees, etc.

FLOSAL EXI is an organic-calcium compound, with the ability to exchange ions from the medium, which corrects the salinity of both soil and water. In addition, due to its organocalcium structure, it has a remarkable capacity to unblock elements that may be immobilized.

Guaranteed Analysis(% w/w)
Organic Matter 25,00%
Organic Carbon 15,50%
Total Nitrogen (N)  4,00%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble 11,00%