Biological Nutrient based on amino acids from rapid absorption enzymatic hydrolysis with high content of Nitrogen and Potassium
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Key points of the product:

• BIO ENERGI NK 9-0-16 for a natural nutrition, of vegetal origin and balanced with organic Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K).
• 15% guaranteed free amino acids, free amino acids synthesis.
• Increases plant resistance to stress, increases sugar content and improves the quality of the fruit.
• Low chloride content.
• Certified to 889/2008 / EC

BIO ENERGI NK 9-0-16 is a compound rich in Nitrogen, Potassium and organic molecules produced by hydrolysis of natural proteins. The molecules of free amino acids are able to penetrate quickly through the cuticle of the leaf and the roots transporting potassium inside the vegetal tissues. The unique formula with amino acids helps prevent potassium deficiency, simultaneously stimulating the metabolism of the plant. The amino acids and potassium absorbed by the leaves and tissues of plants are ready to be used for the production of proteins, sugars and enzymes that increase vegetative activity, the resistance of plants to stress and the quality of agricultural production.

Guaranteed analysis(% w/w)
Total Amino Acids 65,00%
Free Amino Acids 15,00%
Total Nitrogen (N)  9,50%
Ammonia Nitrogen (N) 0,50%
Organic Nitrogen (N)  9,00%
Potassium Oxide (K2O) water soluble 16,00%

Regular use of BIO ENERGI NK 9-0-16 is recommended during specific phenological stages such as flowering, fruit and fruit ripening. The foliar application of exogenous amino acids is also very useful in adverse environmental conditions and helps the plant to save the energy that is otherwise used for the synthesis and translocation of endogenous amino acids.