Stimulating the general development of the plant.
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STYM AA K 70 is a formula with a high concentration of Potassium with amino acids.

STYM AA K 70 presents a neutral pH that allows total compatibility with hard water, phytosanitary treatments and fertilizers.

STYM AA K 70 accelerates the fructification processes, achieving a homogeneous maturation and favors the quality parameters of the fruit such as size, color, flavor, nutritional value and content in sugars and oils. Especially recommended during the development, fattening and ripening of fruits, roots and tubers.

STYM AA K 70 increases the resistance of plants to environmental stress conditions and attacks of certain fungi.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w /w)
Free amino acids 5,00%
Potassium Oxide (K2O) water soluble 23,00%