Defensive activators


Activator of the natural defenses of plants.
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FOSSFITOL Cu has a preventive effect, by inducing the synthesis of high concentrations of phytoalexins (natural defenses of plants), which reduce the damage caused to crops when they are attacked by pathogens, and FOSSFITOL Cu acts as a cure against fungi and bacteria. Depending on the dose applied, it's effect is microbiostatic or microbiocida. The combination of these two actions is important since they reduce and / or eliminate the wounds produced by bacteria since they are entry doors of spores of pathogenic fungi.

This formulation allows the product to be absorbed quickly and completely by the foliage. It translocates systemically into the plant through the conducting vessels to the buds, fruits and roots.

Guaranteed analysis(% w/v)
Copper (Cu) chelated with EDTA 1,00%
Phosphorus (P2O5) water soluble 23,00%
Potassium (K2O) water soluble 20,00%
Copper (Cu) chelated with EDTA 2,60%