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Control of Ectoparasite Nematodes as Endoparasites with no safety term and no environmental impact.
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The new bionematicide developed by ORANGE SAFT for the control of nematodes in crops of Vegetables, Melon, Cucurbitaceae, Fruit, Grapevine, Ornamental, Wheat, Barley, Rice, Corn, etc...

Nematodes are microscopic, wire-like worms that attack a wide variety of plants. They prefer sandy soil conditions, well drained, which is a distinctive soil where several crops are sown. Nematodes cause direct damage to the roots of plants. The nematodes, with their perforating and sucking mouths, damage plant cells, resulting in tissue breakdown and root drilling.

Plants under stress, by nature, have a shortened root system, for which the damage of the nematodes is even more significant. A damaged root system reduces the ability of the plant to take the water and nutrients required for growth. Nematodes increase susceptibility to heat stress and drought. The lesions caused by the nematodes facilitate entry of secondary fungal infections.

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Sesame Oil
Soy Lecithin