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CAPAZ Cu 100

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CAPAZ Cu 100 is a formula based on stable copper gluconate, easily absorbed and quickly translocated to all organs of the plant (systemic product).

It has been developed in such a way that it can cover several objectives at the same time: providing copper and preserving the plant from anomalies derived from adversities that are mainly abiotic. It's formulation allows a good efficiency with low concentrations of copper per hectare, which implies a reduction in waste and allows both foliar and root application.

Guaranteed Analysis(% w/v)
Copper (Cu) water soluble 10,00%

The total number of applications will depend on the crop and degree of affection or deficiency, within the range of doses for foliar application, for woody crops use the highest in autumn and the lowest doses in spring
CAPAZ Cu 100 can be applied both via foliar and via irrigation, as it is easily absorbed by the plant.
It's use is recommended for all types of crops. It's application is recommended in the stages of the crop most prone to the needs.