Seed Treatment


Root Bionutrient based on amino acids and algae extract for the treatment of seeds.
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  • 1000 L
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ORANGSEED AA provides the seed with amino acids and components of the organic matrix needed to improve seed germination, emergence of seedlings, establishment of the crop and vigor of the plant, thus breaking dormancy and latency more quickly. it helps in the germination of a greater number of seeds, obtaining therefore more number of emergent plants.
Also in the first moments, thanks to its zinc content, rooting is favored. In this way a greater number of plants with an accelerated growth is obtained since they root quickly. This favors a greater number of plants willing to produce, resulting in an increase in final productivity.

Advantages of the ORANGSEED AA application:

• Increase in germination percentage.
• Improvement of root development.
• Increase in viability of the inoculated bacteria.
• Adheres the bacteria to the seed.
• Protects from cell desiccation.
• Nourishes the inoculated bacteria.
• Improvement of productivity.

Guaranteed analysis(% w/v)
Total Amino Acids 9,00%
Free Amino Acids 6,00%
Seaweed Extract 4,00%
Total Nitrogen (N) 5,00%
Total Organic Matter 30,00%