Retentor, Fixer, Antiderivator
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ADESIT FILM is a natural product derived from the resin of the pines.Chemically it is very similar to the waxy cuticle of the leaves, therefore ADESIT - FILM is fixed immediately to the cuticle even when it is wet (rain, dew, watering) This increases the initial deposit of the pesticide on the leaf, thanks to which it behaves like a natural depositor agent.

ADESIT FILM is an ADHERENT-PROLONGER agent, designed to control the duration of pesticides. ADESIT FILM forms a sticky and elastic film that is encapsulated and tenaciously maintains the pesticide in the foliage of the crop. This protective film greatly reduces the effects of environmental degradation factors, which reduce the effectiveness of pesticide sprays.

Guaranteed analysis(% w/v)
Terpene alcohols 65,50%