Adjuvant, Penetrating, Surfactant and Acidifying
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ORANG 700 can be used as a penetrant to increase the activity and effectiveness of insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar nutrients, defoliants, desiccants and growth regulators, even at low temperatures.
The best results of the use of ORANG 700 have been observed when applying it with phytosanitary products of systemic action, since it favors the absorption of these by the plant.
The most important action of ORANG 700 is to influence the wax layer of the leaves, ordering the stratification of the successive layers so that the active ingredients can penetrate fully into the tissues.
It also acts as a normal wetting agent to ensure a total and homogeneous coating of the plants by the phytosanitary products applied.
ORANG 700 is also used to lower the pH in the spray liquors thus preventing the alkaline hydrolysis of phytosanitary products sensitive to a high pH.

Guaranteed analysis
(% w/w)
Propionic acid
Non-ionic agent
Soy Phospholipids

Producto coadyuvante para su uso en cultivos varios, cuando por las características de las plantas, de los parásitos o del producto fitosanitario a aplicar, sea necesario aumentar el poder penetrante o de absorción de dicho producto fitosanitario.