pH regulator and hard water softener.
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AQUA AGUA is a pH regulator and hard water softener for use in agriculture, its buffer effect makes the water retain the pH and hardness in the appropriate ranges, to provide better chemical conditions in the mixtures of the different agrochemicals and fertilizers for long periods of time, improving its final effect.
AQUA AGUA reduces the possibility of modification of active ingredients by chemical reactions with some water components.
AQUA AGUA allows the active ingredient to express all its control potential.
AQUA AGUA acts as a regulator, and unlike acidifiers, due to its buffer effect, it does not modify the mixtures at phytotoxic pHs, even in the presence of an overdose.
AQUA AGUA reduces the probability of mixing cuts.

Guaranteed analysis(% w/w)
PH regulating citrates 44,45%
Chelating Edetates 55,55%

Se recomienda su uso para corregir el Ph de aguas que no son del todo aptas en cuanto a rangos de pH óptimos para la asimilación de nutrientes.