Seed Treatment

In the vast majority of crops, the final success of these is preceded by successful germination and high seed quality.
Orange Saft has been developing products for this purpose for years under its ORANGSEED and ORANGFOL line, with the sole purpose of providing better characteristics in the seeds, obtaining a high germination and better seeds for the rooting process.
A healthy start sets the foundation for strong behavior as plants grow. Seed treatment provides protection during the critical stages of germination and establishment of the crop when emerging seeds and seedlings do not have the capacity to protect themselves against pathogens and invasive pests. By serving as the first line of defense, seed treatments can improve seed germination, emergence of seedlings, establishment of crop and vigor of the plant. As a result of this behavior early in the season, plants treated with seed treatment have an advantage over untreated plants when it comes to obtaining yield, quality and profit potential